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    Elshara Silverheart Upon further review, it seems the system needs a bit more work. So I will be doing that over the coming days to fine tune it. It seems there's little interest in it so I still have the live version up as the original site. Let me know if you enjoy the...  more
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Upgrade Complete

  • Well guys, we did it! All the issues have been fixed with this upgrade.

    I've been asked to make a number of things easier to work with, and or navigate. So here's what's new.

    1. Friends management - specifically a better friendship experience. Now live! Was once unverified one way friendship. Now offers two way verified friendships. Just like Facebook. You can also have custom lists of people you want on your friends list, and you can control everything about how they can interact with you so you have ultimate growth potential. You can see mutual friends, and also people you may know which grows with you over time as you browse the site.

    2. Search. Was once a blank results page. Now is a vibrant area detailing posts, by you and others in different areas, categories and other organized ways. That's also customisable so each result you come across you can view it again under saved items so you have an always on site book mark of what posts you enjoy looking at the most.

    3. Reactions. Was once a like button. Now is a whole variety of emotions you can express with your own images and graphics on each post and comment. Each comment can have additional stickers and ratings with replies underneath it for a more streamlined posting experience. Remember, the goal is engagement. I'm far from done.

    4. Notifications. Was once an on site experience. Now, you can get email, privacy and frequency preferences all in one screen. Everything from what group you're in, to what posts you follow is managed in your subscription area in account settings.

    5. Tags, or user defined categories. Was once hashtags. Now, is hashtags that auto generate based on what you search for. Remember how I said the goal is engagement? You can now be notified when a search tag you are looking for is posted to by somebody in addition to other categories as you follow content.

    6. Media albums. Was once a playlist. Now is a vibrant individual page with different view sizes for photos. With the ability to download all types of media including music, videos, and file attachments in other text posts across the site. The goal for albums is for you to be able to customize every aspect of how you display media. And with unlimited storage, this is now possible.

    7. Chat. Was once a text box on its own page. Now, is included in the home page called shout box. This updates every 2 to 15 seconds based on how much it's being used in real time. Your home screen should be a place where you interact most with people, and a site wide shout box gets the job done. For a more private experience, invite people into private messages with real time notifications in group chats that you decide who can become an admin of and can join or leave at any time.

    8. Messages. Was once a one way conversation with another member. Is now a personal or group chat with email notifications, attachments, and real time text, video and audio area to really embed communication between people for a more private custom experience. Messages have come a long way from the classic mail box, to unlimited lists, and custom folders so you can sync them with your friends lists and talk to the whole site if you want to. Or, just keep it simple. The choice is yours. with search, a text editor and media embeds, you'll have plenty of ways to start a conversation with someone. Even if it's just writing notes for yourself.

    9. videos. Was once deteriorated to where they weren't working at all! Now, they work and you can add them from your computer, any embed site via URL from the video share screen or your home feed.

    10. Home feed. Was once a spammy and unorganized list of duplicate entries when ever someone liked or commented on a particular entry. Now, is an interactive 3d map of what is going on with statistics, interactivity and updates across the site. Never miss an update, and subscribe to the people you care about with RSS and or email notifications.

    11. Mobile. Was once a simplified version of the internet like you'd see in 2006. Now is a detailed simplified layout with tabbed content that doesn't let you down. Nothing is hidden from mobile view, and you have plenty of options to collapse and resize too large content on ever so small screens for maximum reading comfort with minimal distractions.

    12. Appearance. Was once a preset list of themes. Now, is a customisable colour picker, background chooser and font sizer to really give some pop to the overall look and feel of your Galactic Star Hub.

    13. Name change, again. Was once Cosmic Nation. Was later, Cosmic Friendship. Is now, Galactic Star Hub. It's a beta name, but it's one that you can find easier in search results as well as in your emails. You can always find us at any other previous name, through our various domains and I look forward to hear from you about this change.

    14. Polls. Was once an anonymous voting experience. Is now an interactive map showing you who voted, and feedback about why they made that choice with the option to have additional comments. You can choose to make your votes anonymous or not, and really get the conversation going by attaching polls to forum topics.

    15. Forums. Was once a basic blog. Is now a threaded conversation with your choice of viewing options. You can rearrange posts in any custom order you want, if you're a manager of a forum. And forums are sure to get a lot of attention over the next little while as we start really taking advantage of categories that you really want to post in.

    16. Groups. Groups has been split into two areas. Was once a single basic call to act with a good name and some fans. Is now pages, which unites fans of a topic and groups which brings member participation to an interest. If you're an established organization, pages will help you bring feedback together in ways that help you unite for a shared and progressive understanding of what you wish to achieve. While groups on the other hand, help you build up to that point. And both feature mini network like functionality which lets you add any kind of media, post, categorization and comment style you want so you are the centre of attention all the time. You also can customize the notifications you receive from your groups, whereas before, this wasn't available.

    17. Events, quizzes, and the marketplace. Was once, events and classified listings. Is now, 3 features which goes hand in hand making sure you can get paid for organizing a gathering. If you want that. Otherwise, it's a free way to have a whole lot of interactive fun. Quizzes are tests you can set up to test peoples knowledge. Events are great ways of notifying people where they can use that knowledge. The marketplace is how you can bring what the knowledge made you into the world. And it's all possible with the progressive development of goods and services, that focus on you as the reason for living.

    18. Profiles. Was once, an area where you could talk about yourself and how to contact you off site. Is now, a blank space to put whatever you wish so that there's no uniform design requirements you need to focus on. I do admit that your profile information didn't copy over when I switched from Social Engine to PHPFox. So the old site is still up as the live version in case you need to copy the rest over manually that you already put there. I would do it but that's a little invasive, so just message me if you want me to go ahead. Permission and trust goes a long way,, even if admins do technically have the ability to violate it to the 10th degree if they were so motivated. Interactive websites are a tool, not a weapon and it is to be used for help, not hinderance.

    With this being just an overview of what else has changed, I invite you to visit us as I've posted a ton of channelled information from my soul memories that I've been able to recover over the years. IT's not easy, as much of this was shared on platforms that no longer exist. Old chat messages, emails, websites and a dying backup industry. I am determined to bring it all central over to you. And have fun doing it. Which is why we're still going strong into 2021.

    Visit Galactic Star Hub to check out the new layout. You may need to copy old profile information. Your sign in information is exactly the same.

    I hope you enjoy the upgrade. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to assist you.

    Hope you are well and sending you lots of love and light.