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What Are The 3 Waves Of Starseeds?

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    May 24, 2021 6:06 PM PDT

    The concept of the 3 waves, refers to the main different generations of enlightened people on this planet. Some call us lightworkers. Others call us wayshowers.

    The Blueray generation, from 1950 - 1970. The very first old souls to come in mass on this planet right after two world wars in quick succession to each other. Known for bringing peace, harmony and order. As they provide healing and restoration to many families in need, including their own. This is the generation most seen to have lived in abundance today during the entire history of this planet so far in the modern, classical, and ancient times.

    The Indigo generation, from 1970 - 1990. This generation is most known for continuing the mission of the blueray lost souls, with the addition of introducing mass planetary and environmental activism in an effort to bring world pollution and corruption down. While largely successful, this generation has a ways to go yet and is seen as the second most prosperous in terms of wealth and planetary holdings.

    The Crystal generation, from 1990 - 2010. This generation is most known for radical change. The members of this generation are very particular about what they want to happen, and provide the knowledge and means to get it done as the lines of generational soul mystics continue onward. We have yet to see the height in power of this generation, however it is forecasted to outrank the Indigo generation living under the shadow of the Blueray by extension. While not completely being able to lift the shadow from themselves, the generations proceeding the Crystal generation certainly will achieve this.

    Expected generations to follow after the Crystal generation are the Rainbow and Diamond generations. Spanning a range of 40 years from 2010 - 2050. The world will not be recognizable once the Diamond generation has been born and our ascension will have long since been established by then, energetic forecasting predicts. As it is the Rainbow generation during the height of their power, that makes this official.