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How To Perform Weather Manipulation

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    June 6, 2021 3:10 PM PDT

    This is going to sound strange, but weather manipulation is one of those topics that is said to be controlled by the cabal. Little did you know, it's a lot easier than that.

    I'm going to show you a very not so secret way to have weather control in your pocket. Queue smart phones for an answer as to how technology got to be so persistent in its rise to power.


    1. Moisture. (Cup of water.)

    2. Clouds. (The frosty glass left in the freezer to get cold for a couple of hours.)

    3. Heat. (A hair drier will do.)

    4. Wind. (A newspaper or loose leafed book.)

    That's all you really need to get the basic elements down to a much smaller scale (effects room temperature only) yet if you want to be more specific, read on.

    5. Lightning. (A flashlight.)

    6. Thunder. (A ghetto blaster stereo system works best for this.)

    7. Fog. (Remember the frosty glass from the freezer? Just add warm water.)

    8. Storms. (Fan yourself with the newspaper and grab a spray bottle for easy access to hail.)

    9. Flooding. (Upside down glass plus water equals spills.)

    10. Fire. (Hair drier plus a match stick. For just flames, use a candle.)

    11. Earth quakes. (Remember the Ghetto Blaster Stereo? Just add 7HZ and a dash of paranoia. For maximum results, play at high volume. You control radio, brain wave and weather frequencies in one.)

    12. Weather updates. (Get yourself a Karioke machine.)

    Yes okay, so this post is turning out to be a parody simulation. But we have the technology to achieve this on a much smaller scale.

    Hey here's an off topic question for you. Have you ever noticed the sun smell like a balloon on something black and that absorbs heat? Like a shirt drying in the sun without any laundry soap or scented aroma? It's not going to match that scent of rubber exactly, but to give credit where credit is due. Man I think local weather conditions are in fact engineered to some extent. The photo synthesis effect plants receive while in the sun is actually lessening while trees are burning because of how the conditions of the heat wave multiply the conditions for fires to start.

    Kennith Copeland back in 2020 called for "a supernatural heat wave straight out of hell" to counter the effects of Corona Virus. He said "this virus hates heat" "burn this thing" in an effort to metaphysically be rid of the global situation that just happened to take the world by storm back in March of 2020.

    I got to thinking. Did Corona Virus really start from weather manipulation gone wrong? Too many people responding to put the fires out, and keep the floods down in areas where disasters both natural and supernatural failed to do the job completely? To back this theory up, lets see if crazy weather impacts where war doesn't.

    I've been monitoring things on this front for awhile now. And I've come to the startling conclusion. That yes, where there's peace in the world with no violence, there's a link between weather manipulation and small scale mass panic. The same is true where the weather remained peaceful, human conflict spilled out onto the streets of such places. Afghanistan, Israel, Syria, North Korea. It's odd how that's somehow just a naturally occurring phenomena isn't it?

    But now days things have moved on from crazy chaotic weather manipulation. It's too public. Right? I mean chemtrails aside, mathematics never changed. Just our perception of what constitutes local and global interference has. A global pandemic has a lot to do with weather manipulation when there's environmental conditions to watch out for we can't replicate. Viruses being one of them.

    What's next, I wonder? Will we ever be able to say with confidence that we've solved the mysteries of our time? I think we can, if we focus on how to recreate something that scares us if someone else successfully achieved it. We're after all, only operating under the notion that we have yet to overcome the potential of the things we face together if we can counter act their effects collectively.

    So what do you think. Are we prone to weather accidents? Can we call it an accident when it's localized forecasting? Is that when we call it deliberate if it's a global threat otherwise?

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