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  • Teresa Maria Zalewska
    Teresa Maria Zalewska Historia Ziemi, to historia wojen...często na zaawansowanym poziomie rozwoju broni energetycznej.....
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  • Elshara Silverheart
    Elshara Silverheart I am aware of this. Such people should not be given the tools to represent us if all they care about is bully defense tactics for cheap low quality services and mass production of wasteful resources. No good can come from harm and vice versa. I fully...  more
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  • Teresa Maria Zalewska
    Teresa Maria Zalewska W przeszłości Ziemi było wiele istot posiadających wiedzę i moc zarządzania różnymi poziomami energii, ale niekoniecznie rozwiniętym sercem, czyli ukształtowaną kompatybilnie do Energii Miłości sylwetką emocjonalną. Efekty były...  more
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  • Elshara Silverheart
    Elshara Silverheart I know. I feel we are here to change this.
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Psychic Will Through The Awareness Of Consciousness

  • Becoming aware of yourself psychically is a process everyone is able to do with the right amount of concentration. It involves being able to understand your consciousness by observing your environment through vision. Being able to manipulate vision is the same thing as being able to control it using your mind as a multipurpose limb. If you can imagine it, it is possible. You do not need to shape your limb, but just know it is there, a force of whatever you visualize it to be. If you have no psychic perception of the world around you, you are able to learn the tools of the trade so to speak by focusing on a vision you could work with that doesn't take any mental strain on muscles that aren't developed yet inside you.

    The awareness of consciousness is a means in which people who have difficulty focusing on their psychic sense of perceptual reality turn to for guidance. It is a place where in the minds eye, vision creates a mirror of it to reflect back to the subconscious through the conscious mind. The conscious mind creates the vision through the subconscious, this is where the connection happens. This connection can extend further by seeing this vision in your thoughts as an actual memory. You will first get a telepathic representation of this phenomena, then you should be able to move the thoughts around in your mind. It is important to not expect physical results right away, for the duration of time you are aware of the fact that you are able to touch matter with your mind, you can then manipulate it as you wish or interact with it by sending and receiving messages and commands to it respectively. This is known as conscious telemastering.

    The first sign of success you will notice is where you can visually make out the space where thoughts form in your mind. IF you are able to move thoughts, such as shapes inside of each other, that is all you need to do. You must be able to move thoughts with your mind, by using a visual interface before you can apply it to matter. Because thoughts are simply energy, it doesn't involve a mental strain to position them to where you want them to be. The psychic awareness of your consciousness happens once you start to see other objects, especially things like mirrors begin to act slightly differently around you as you visualize their appearance becoming less solid and more fluid.

    To do this, you have to apply your consciousness to an entire thought in your mind. Concentrate as hard as you can on imagining a thought shape itself around something else within your conscious mind. For example, a feather on the table move slightly when you blow on it. The way an object is manipulated can be used in an infinite amount of applications, while keeping the conscious part of your mind focused solely on that task. Be sure to not distract yourself from this task while in progress.

    Once this is achieved, you are on your way to visualizing your reality from a dream state. Your strength grows with practice. Like all skills requiring muscles, you must learn to shape them in sucha way that your subconscious self picks up on the proces required to do it at will, so your conscious mind can do other things while such a process is running in your subconscious mind. An example of how this is achieved is when you learn a language, learn to walk, have training to free muscles that have shut themselves down inside your body. Remember the more muscles you use, the one thing that empowers them all is your mind, the strongest yet most easiest muscle to train. not just because you are connected to it already, but because it is so close to any other muscle in your body you wish to utilize regularly. Distance doesn't matter in the minds reach, only the power behind the thought. This is because distance is traveled by a variable speed, and if your mind can grasp thoughts at the speed of becoming an exact duplicate replica of a given object, that is the power of the mind muscles you are using to achieve consciousness awareness through psychic will in an instance. Enforcing your will is a simple matter of placing your consciousness in your subconscious storage space, for the amount of time it takes to visualize and manipulate matter using the combined power of a working consciousness unit.

    When the two parts of your mind unite to become a single interface, this will become extremely easy to utilize in time. From moment to moment, be aware of the conscious state of being you are in. If you notice yourself straining, focus more thought energy on the object itself. It is alright to not see results immediately. To make them apparent, practice the art of moving thoughts around in your mind, then try moving matter with your thoughts by visualizing the matter itself moving. this is how your psychic part of your mind opens, allowing you to go within or look throughout your surroundings. As this occurs, you will notice your mind requiring an element to do things our society doesn't teach. Things a normal computer can do, only organically. Such as calculating high numbers, transporting states of energy, solving problems you have no knowledge of and embodying hollographic representations of data visualizing respective forms of matter. This element can be created in two ways. Either through the combined state of united consciousness or through a perceptual matrix of independent power projecting via an external interface to a part of the brain used to interpret movement itself. This is the part of the conscious brain you require to stimulate movemen within the brain without having to visualize the movement within the brain, only the movement of the object you wish to be powered independently by the brain itself.