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  • Elshara Silverheart
    Elshara Silverheart Our animal nature is just as much a part of us as our spiritual nature. This is due to the fact our consciousness resides in both realms, so both can experience on another if we are open to it. Ideally if we experience this bout other people it will stop...  more
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The Purpose of Life

  • The purpose of life is to understand who we are .. who God is ...and how to love Him.

    Unless we seek answers to our actual identity we are stuck only in an animalistic identity.

    Animals have a limited capacity of awareness. They are stuck in a basic struggle for existence without ever having ability to question why

    we have been put here in this temporary world. They are also being provided for by the material nature.

    Do the birds toil for their food? Why work so hard to have basic necessities?

    Everything happens natually.Of course some work must be done....but for a reasonable amount of toil the basic necessities are provided.

    But besides this we can discuss and question well why have we been put here?

    If we engage as ONLY animals seeking to eat sleep have sex and fight and defend then  we waste a valuable opportunity to search for a real true meaning to our existence.

    Yes the animal nuture is also within us but it must be controlled in a civilized way and then the real  meaning and purpose must be sought.

    Simple living --high thinking