Terms of Service

Our terms of service. If you are unsure of what to post, ask an admin. If you feel a member has made you uncomfortable, tell an admin.


Welcome to Soul Emergence Community. IF you're a new member, please read on to be familiar with how our site is set up and what our guidelines are before making contributions.

Our terms of service are simple. While most make sense, some may not apply to you, so don't worry if you are unsure of what they represent. Apply this saying in case you encounter things like this in your life, what you don't know, you aren't accountable for under any circumstances, it will help you in this case. If you violate the terms, you are not directly going to lose your membership, but you will be subject to further questioning. This only applies in extreme use cases.

1. We will reject your membership if you are seen to be associated with any spam affiliated network selling and only selling products for profit. Such organizations are harmful to the general public by making false promises and aren't tolerated here. Other organizations we refuse to accept affiliated membership from include ones engaging in hacking, trolling and slanderous behaviour for the sole purpose of a targeted attack.

2. All members who advertise using Soul Emergence Community can stay as long as the advertisements aren't affiliated with shill missions or pyramid schemes. This includes spam bot affiliations, online marketing skams for money and paid article services. To most members, this won't be an issue at all. We encourage what you have to say and your opinion matters. You are welcome to sell promised as advertised goods and services through our marketplace.

3. You accept that from time to time, you are responsible for what you post if others have an issue with it. Administrators are hear to guide people, not moderate your material. Ask us if you feel a post should be under consideration, otherwise if no responsibility is taken, we have the right to remove the post if it involves too much conflict in the community.

4. Respect others to have others return the favour. The golden rule in other words, applies here. Anyone who violates this rule specifically will be put on a ban alert. If the activity is accompanied with hostility and no resolution can be achieved in peace or mutual understanding, in severe use cases, your accounts will be terminated. We don't tolerate harm.

5. If posting illegal or copy right material, you are responsible for what you upload. Keep this in mind as it can effect all members. We don't question what you post, as long as it is not an issue with the members who view it.

6. The server we use can sometimes be slow to respond if a lot of traffic is accessing the site at once. Be mindful of this and try not to upload too much at once, it is a general warning to all members that although it may not seem like it, due to our budget constraints we are dealing with limited, but not crippled resources.

7. Chat is unstable, use at your own risk. The easiest way to reach us in real time is private message or comment. Use the contact us link at the bottom of all pages to contact the administrators if you need management assistance. the reason why chat is unstable is because it doesn't record messages for offline use directly as it is one limitation of our platform we're working on solving. This means, we are testing out various chat applications if people are interested in communicating with other people. From time to time, things may be updated as they are found usable or unusable as such. Also, due to the nature of the internet now days, we're doing our best to move away from centralized services.

8. Your feedback of the network is welcome and encouraged. Soul Emergence community would like to extend invitations to you and your friends to enjoy our site and all we have to offer together.

We send out periodic notifications letting you know of any updates within our community. We are looking for ways to help engage you further in interacting with the posts you share to be able to find connections with others. Our goal is to be as convenient as possible to share stories, experiences and get to know our differences in a safe environment where all are honoured and welcomed. We believe in the principles of a healthy, active network to foster engagement based on interest and a genuine thirst to learn and grow as people. It is time to let your light shine no matter what.