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Published: Jul 21, 2021 5:35:56 PM
Political Implications of Extraterrestrial LIfe
  • Jul 21, 2021 5:45:28 PM
    On July 20, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was one of the astronauts launched by a reusable Blue Origin rocket above the Von Karman line—the official start of space (100 km). Reusable booster rockets are now being used by multiple companies thanks to SpaceX’s pioneering efforts. This will lead to cheap space travel, space tourism, space […]
  • Jul 20, 2021 12:22:54 PM
    The historical foundations for an alien false flag event can be found in the corporate, media, political and entertainment arenas dating back to at least the 1970s. Subsequent events have led to a rapid consolidation of the media and entertainment industries making it possible for humanity to be deeply conditioned for a major alien false […]
  • Jul 19, 2021 11:11:21 AM
    Three months before the collapse of Nazi Germany during World War II, the three great allied powers, the USA, the Soviet Union, and Great Britain, met at Yalta on the Crimean Peninsula to discuss the post-war order of Europe that would be based on the principle of national self-determination. According to a former professional archeologist […]
  • Jul 8, 2021 11:11:24 AM
    In the last 18 months, the US and other major countries have created national space forces to deal with threats in space, and have pledged to cooperate in a multinational alliance to deal with such threats. We are in an unprecedented era of disclosure as billions of people around the world are finally being told […]
  • Jul 7, 2021 11:11:06 AM
    On July 4, Dr. Steven Greer released his latest documentary film – ‘The Cosmic Hoax’. In it, he presented evidence of a decades-long plan to stage an alien false flag invasion. He described multiple aspects of the plan and key figures in its implementation. He asserts that the staged event is imminent given recent developments […]
  • Jul 2, 2021 5:51:09 PM
    On June 30, veteran UFO researcher Richard Dolan released a leaked summary of the classified version of the UAP report delivered to the US Senate five days earlier. The alleged summary asserts that members of Congress were informed of eight breakthrough propulsion technologies being studied and tested at Nevada’s Area 51 and Tonopah Test Range. […]
  • Jun 29, 2021 11:11:09 AM
    In part one of this series, I discussed remote viewing sessions conducted by the Farsight Institute on the ‘Galactic Federation of Worlds’, which has allegedly been intervening on Earth from remote antiquity and even played a role in the genetic engineering of humanity. When examining the work of multiple insiders and ‘contactees’, however, it becomes […]
  • Jun 26, 2021 11:11:04 AM
    In December 2020, the father of Israel’s space program, Professor Haim Eshed, created an international media frenzy when he described President Donald Trump communicating with an alliance of extraterrestrial races called the Galactic Federation. Eshed said Trump wanted to disclose the truth about alien life, but the Galactic Federation replied that humanity wasn’t yet ready. […]
  • Jun 15, 2021 1:00:55 PM
    The Director of National Intelligence is scheduled to release a comprehensive report on June 25 to the US Senate that will conclude, according to official leaks, that UFOs are an unknown national security threat! Why is this a ‘Big Lie’? What’s the Deep State agenda behind promoting this now through the mainstream media after decades […]
  • Jun 14, 2021 2:36:46 PM
    We are on the verge of an official report being delivered by the Intelligence Community to the US Senate acknowledging the reality of  Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs/UFOs) as an unknown national security threat. The Deep State will use all its political and media assets to perpetuate a major lie over the origin of these craft […]